Meeting-ready-leads: When you make money, so do we – it’s called performance 🚀


Client Acquisition

Here’s a more detailed glimpse into what we do, with a touch of refinement.

(No-pressure demo call)

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+52 000 €

Typical SDR Cost

Hiring additional salespeople is a significant investment – both financially and in terms of time.

Save Time & Money

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+280 Hours

Lost To Training In Sales

To ensure that a new salesperson specializes in all aspects of cold outbound, it will take approximately +280 hours of immersive training and experience.

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Performance Expertise

Just a heads up, with Vxst, you get a team of experts for the price of an extra SDR. And remember, it’s based on performance too —pay as we deliver. Because success should be both efficient and effective.

We Revolutionize your Sales Approach

Don’t just grow your business. Scale it smoothly and predictably with a reliable partner. Think of us as your dedicated sales team, working silently in the background to keep your sales pipeline flowing smoothly. No need for the headache and expenses of managing an in-house cold outbound team.

First step in being able to loosen your mind

Cold Outreach Setup

Give us control of your acquisition process, and relax as we drive your company’s growth.

Lean back or focus on what’s important as we fill up your calender…

We handle everything from start to finish when it comes to your “cold outreach setup”.

From finding leads to building your sales funnel, pre-qualifying leads, and booking appointments, we’ve got you covered.

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Implementing our bullet-proof protocol

Building a Flow of Qualified Leads

Generating leads in today’s digital landscape isn’t impressive, which is why we care deeply about the quality of leads.

Hence why we prioritize quality over quantity.

…even though our protocol let us do both.

We understand that the value lies in the leads that convert into meaningful opportunities.

That’s why our partners only pay for ‘qualified show-ups’ – leads that are genuinely interested and ready to engage with your offerings.

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Precision beats power and... why not have both?

Targeted Lead Lists

Utilizing AI and automation, we curate highly targeted lead lists with elite precision and various data points.

These data points enable us to execute hyper-personalized campaigns with precision, where prospects feel valued and intrigued to learn more.

This is how we exceed industry standards and deliver tangible results that truly matter. By being the sharpshooters of sales.

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Tighten your seatbelt, it's about to get wild

Smooth Scaling

As “The Vxst Protocol” start compounding and brings in the yield of meetings and clients, it is crucial to be ready.

We will be implementing a tried-and-true system that allows us to do in-depth research to find out how we optimize for scale.

This includes a bulletproof A/B testing infrastucture to max out on ROI.

..We’re fueling your car, but instead of gasoline, we use rocket fuel.

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Feel free to pose your questions, and let’s embark on a meaningful dialogue that could potentially elevate your experience with our services.



Feel free to pose your questions, and let’s embark on a meaningful dialogue that could potentially elevate your experience with our services.

Som Darwin engang sagde:

“Dem, der er mest tilpasningsdygtige, vil overleve”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that you may have. If you have any other questions, please write!

What's the price?

Ah, the classic response, right?

Our price is driven by the results we deliver. We guarantee that our service will be more budget-friendly than both an "in-house" team of salespeople and a traditional "lead generation" agency. To provide an accurate price indication, we need to know precisely what you're looking for. Our team will walk you through our various offerings when you book a call.

What if the lead isn't qualified?

All our clients have the freedom to determine whether their leads are qualified or not.

Surprisingly, not a single one of our clients has ever voiced dissatisfaction with the quality of leads.

These leads are typically highly qualified, as we target sophisticated buyers genuinely expressing interest in your product/service, willing to engage in a call. Reaching out to a prospect list approved by you, we use highly personalized messages and adeptly manage their responses to convert them into meeting-ready leads.

After all, our approach is like matchmaking for business – and we're the ultimate Cupid!

What do we have to do ourselves?

No heavy lifting on your end. Our team handles it all: setting up the technical infrastructure, building customer lists, crafting compelling copy, managing campaigns, and handling responses.

All we ask from you is to fill out a form and hop on a couple of calls so we can grasp the "ins & outs" of your business.

With some clients, we collaborate closely, while with others, we take care of everything from A to Z. So, it's entirely up to you – you can be as hands-on or as chill as you want.

We've got the rest covered!

How quickly will we be getting results?

We can kick off our "client acquisition system" within 2 weeks, and more often than not, you'll start seeing results within 3-5 days. The majority of our partners are basking in the glow of a positive ROI (Return on Investment) within the first month.

What if it doesn't work?

We're replicating a tried-and-true system that has generated millions in revenue, thousands of sales opportunities, and a success rate through the roof. We're so confident it'll work that we practically have it tattooed on our confidence meter.

We're not just asking for your business; we're putting our money where our mouth is. It's a partnership, and when you succeed, so do we.

Rest assured, you're in capable hands, and to sweeten the pot, we throw in an ROI guarantee within 45 days.